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Finding Satan: The Installation

Finding Satan reflects on gay bar culture from the 80’s to now, sharing examples of small-town bars, how people connect, and how the AIDS epidemic affected how gay bars were utilized.

For an In depth look at the project, click here.


Finding Satan30.jpg

The Master's Suite


Project Assignment: Draft in 2D, 3D and Render your dream room. 

Click the image for the full design package including a Pitch Page.

The Chair: 

Chair is Chair


Project Assignment: Develop a short (5 to 10 minute) video featuring the Chair.  This video should contain a clear narrative sequence based on some generating conflict. It should also reflect the identity discourse that you developed in part one of the project. 

Space Site Agency:

Three Sisters Set Design Concept


Description: Set in a field of dirt. Throughout the course of the play, the actors will be digging in the dirt.


Underneath this dirt is a red surface. The red represents something beautiful that the sisters are looking for. As we move through the script, the red is slowly revealed.

Three Sisters Act 1.png
Three Sisters Act 2.png
Three Sisters Act 3.png
Three Sisters Act 4.png
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